The transition to organic

Château Fourcas Hosten

Cultivating respect

More than ten years ago, as part of its ongoing quest for innovation and excellence, Château Fourcas Hosten began to think about the best ways to look after its soil. This was not just a fashion-inspired “taste of the month”, but a sustained, real effort to reduce impact on the environment, by organising its teams around the Environmental Management System (EMS).

Natural vine husbandry

Today the majority of the estate’s vines is cultivated according to organic methods. All white wine production is organic. The aim is to achieve a total transformation to organic cultivation in the next few years.

In concrete terms, this commitment consists in applying exclusively natural treatments; no herbicides nor pesticides, only approved products. Every day, the estate’s teams till the soil, manage the grass cover crop, spray sulphur and clay or use infusions to strengthen the vines’ natural defences.

Château Fourcas Hosten

Virtuous cycle

A balanced eco-system is maintained by preserving biodiversity, by enriching the soil with natural materials, such as barley and vetch, by planting hedges and reusing grape stalks, skins and pips.

With new energy in its soil and stronger vines, the estate’s terroir continues to reveal more and more of its great qualities.

Protecting the natural and human environment adds much greater value to the team’s work in the vines.